Favorite Links

Family and Friends

Few of our friends actually have their own web pages, but here are some that you may enjoy.

Garth and BonnieJean Wiebe Family

The Wiebes are a Christian homeschooling family with six children. Garth has written many excellent papers defending fundamentals of the Christian faith. I've extensively used his papers on Creation vs. Evolution and Homeschooling to explain our positions on these things. The Wiebes' site also has many excellent links to other Christian sites.

Christian Apologetics

Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham & company refute evolution

Biblical Discernment Ministries - Christian Psychology: an oxymoron

Institute for Creation Research - the premier Creation Science site

The Revolution Against Evolution - excellent source of scientific evidence for Creation

Christian Ministries and Resources

Charity Gospel Ministries - Excellent resources, tapes, CDs, sermons, books. 

No Greater Joy Ministries - Another Excellent site for tapes, CDs, sermons, books

Keepers of the faith - Family Building Resources, GREAT story books, CDs, etc

Rod and Staff Publishers - great home school curricula, story books, a-capella music

Five Pointers for Disciplining Children - good advice from the Anabaptist brethren

Christian Answers Network - loaded with resources

Mennonite Publishing House - great source of books, especially for children

Family Reformation Magazine - calling family members to fulfill their biblical roles

Bible Gateway - Search the Bible - we strongly advise using only King James version

Christian Homesteading

Christian Self Reliance Newsgroup

The Ark Institute - Heirloom Seed Stock and other homesteading information